Meet the Winners

See what’s new at Arctic Inc., IAS, and RFMED!

Frostbite is a fast, effective, organic solution to control common weeds.  The patent-pending Frostbite Weed Control System kills weeds the way nature does, with frost, in just a single application.

Frostbite is the simple, natural solution for healthier lawns and greener lawn care.  Early customers include Harvard University, Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard,  among others.


Innovative Applied Solutions, LLC is a Jamestown, NC based company that develops and manufactures cost effective, patented solutions to address today’s challenges in sediment and erosion-control market. Their initial product is a revolutionary water quality skimmer that targets a large market with very little competition.   Since receiving the PTPNEXT Grant IAS has received Letters of Approval from NC DOT, NC DENR, Texas DOT, and currently pending approval from several other state DOT’s and received private angel funding.


Based in Oak Ridge, RFMED Solutions developed a low cost wireless sensor and patient monitoring system that provides real time movement and physical orientation information.
The system aids care providers in reducing the incidents of pressure ulcers and alerts staff of a fall risk.

“I am sold on the devices. The sensor provides a verifiable level of  reassurance to family members. The software also helps us determine if  we are having problems monitoring patients during a shift.” - Director of Long Term Care Facility.